A fantastic gift for any occasion: something that will fire up your relationship more than roses ever could!

Everyone’s got an excuse for not expressing their love enough to their spouse or “special someone.”

Maybe it feels awkward. Or you’ve have been together a long time and take each other for granted. Perhaps both of you are just too busy with your lives to really think about what you mean to one another.

But we should all learn from the example of people who lose a partner suddenly and unexpectedly. Nearly all say the same thing: they wish they had told their partner that they loved them more, and made them feel cherished. What’s the matter with us?? This is the most important person in our world!

Let’s face it: it’s not as though people are going to start writing love letters again. But there’s one form of communication we DO seem to find time for these days: text messages! And voila, the secret to keeping the fire burning even in 2012!

The Book of Love Text Messages is loaded with beautifully written messages you can send to your partner’s cell phone. Use them as-is, or just to give you ideas. They take only a few seconds to send, but will make your partner’s day, day after day . . . this book won’t fade like a bunch of roses!

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In this book are hundreds of ideas for text messages you can send in a few seconds that will brighten that special person’s day and remind them of your devotion. The subjects range from expressions of passionate love, to apology and forgiveness, to helping heal hurt feelings or a broken heart. From flowery and romantic to sexy and teasing.  From highly poetic to simple, honest and warm. You’ll find inspiration in this book for WHATEVER you feel like expressing:

  • Passionate love
  • Friendship
  • Apology
  • Forgiveness
  • Warm and sexy
  • Hot and spicy
  • Thinking about you
  • Devotion
  • Observations on love


 Powerful! Exciting! Romantic! Some are even funny! I cannot believe love can be expressed in so many ways and in such short messages.”

- William Macmillan, MA

Once you start with the first message, you want to read more and more. With all the gamut of emotions you feel, it seems like reading a brilliantly written novel.”

 - Irena  Politkovskiy, NY

A very useful book for couples, especially for those who have trouble verbalizing their emotions.”

- Lloyd Harold, TX

In every message you can feel the tender and caring heart.”

- Abby Sinclair, MI

 If all these messages have been sent to one person, then I am really jealous of that person!”

- Nancy Barrymore, CA

Lovely! Each message is charged with passion and love.”

- Maya Schwarzkopf, NY

Few people know better than author Armand del Tor how fragile life is, and how important it is to express your love.

In his native Armenia, he survived the terrible earthquake of 1988 that killed family members and devastated his land. In the aftermath, while helping orphaned children, he was kidnapped by a ruthless Russian mafia group but later miraculously released alive.

The final miracle occurred after his move to America. He skipped work the day after his son was born – so he wasn’t in his office in the World Trade Center the day the towers collapsed, killing 94 of his colleagues. 

Want to learn more about Armand Del Tor? You can read his biography here.

You never know what is going to happen tomorrow,” says del Tor. “It’s so important to express your love – even if you don’t always feel like it. I wrote this book to make it a little easier for everyone. The tiny effort it takes to send one of these messages can make the special person in your life feel good all day.”


The book includes a special section of messages about love from famous poets, authors and other notables. They make great “love text messages” too, as food for thought to keep you and your partner observant and appreciative of what you have together.

There are quotations from Plato in the 5th century B.C. all the way through Somerset Maugham in the 20th!

Sure, you can do the usual – give each other roses ($60) or go out for a nice dinner ($100). But what does this really mean to your partner? These worn-out symbolic gestures don’t hold a candle to coming right out and expressing what you feel – and all year long, rather than just on one appointed night.

At under $15, The Book of Love Text Messages is a fraction of the cost of a big night out. And, it comes with free bonuses worth much more than you’ll pay for the book! To get this book and receive the free bonuses that come with it, be sure to order now!